Our company, which started its business life as a private enterprise in 2003 with the experience coming from 1997, entered into operation with its original and experienced staff under the name of Dialogue Hearing Devices Center with the restructuring made in 2009.

Our company Dialog Hearing Aids Center keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground and keeps hearing aids, which are the best brands in their field, in its product portfolio. Our company Dialog Hearing Aids Center, which aims to provide the best service to its customers with its 1 center, 4 branches, dealers and colleagues in all regions, supplies hearing aids and hearing aid accessories to its customers in all of Turkey and Cyprus.
How to get hearing aids See a GP if you're having problems with your hearing. They may refer you to a hearing specialist for an assessment if they think you might need a hearing aid. If your specialist recommends hearing aids, talk to them about the different types available and which is best for you. You may be able to try a few types before choosing. Some types may be available to use straight away. Others may need to be custom-made after your ear has been measured or a cast of your ear has been taken. These will usually be ready in a few weeks. When your hearing aid is ready, it will be programmed to suit your level of hearing loss. You'll be shown how to use it and how to look after it. Another appointment will be arranged for a few weeks later to check how things are going.